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WARGAMER .wargames show for the midlands

About the Wargamer Show

About the Wargamer Show
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The show has been running since 1996

The show attracts a good variety of traders

You should be able to find figures models or kits, from most historical and alternative/fantasy periods here on the day, the paint to paint them, the materials to base them and the dice to roll to win with them.

When I am not organising events I do get to play a little

What its all about

Back in 1995 my wife got fed up with me hanging around the house and suggested I go and join a local wargames club. I had been to the local show in Edgbaston organised by Duncan MacFarlane from Wargames Illustrated, and had talked to members of the Selly Oak and District Society (SODS) about where they met etc. As my wife thinks as I am a miserable old SOD it seemed appropriate to become one.

When the local show ceased I stepped into the gap, I did not want my home town to lose an event, I see my show as being both a good time to be had for regular wargamers and a chance for new people to discover the hobby. Most of the local clubs come along and put demonstration and participation games of a high standard and the presence of the traders gives you a chance to see (and maybe buy) whats out there. 


My kids have told me I need to have a FACEBOOK page for the show, to put pictures and other articles on, so here goes (please remember I am no techy)


Items will be posted about local hobby related events. This years event is at the new venue of King Edwards Sheldon Heath Academy, I would hope most of the traders from 2017, who included:- Ainsty Castings, Barwell Body Works, Colonel Bills, Commission Figures, Dave Lanchester Books, Daves Wargames, Eagle Figures, Magic Geek, PE2 Collectables, Ryan McKnight, Tiger Miniatures,Tolkeen Miniatures, Warlord Games, Asylum Wargaming, Clives Diescasts, Games of War, Rubicon Models, Sleeping Dragon, will be returning

Here's a list of some of the local clubs who hopefully will be there again this year, if I have missed your club out please let me know

Adrian Garbett, Alumwell, Birmingham Wargames, Chase, David Page (Kinver), The Guards, Kingstanding Circle, Ladywood, Martin Hackett, Peter Banks, Peter Myatt, Pike & Shot Society, Phoenix, Victorian Military Society, Wild West Exodus, and Wyre Forrest,with possibly Bored Game, Halesowen and Society of Ancients may also attending, all are very welcome