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This site will hopefully answer, the call for a website to let people know about the Birmingham Wargamer Show full details of this year's show to be held on 30th November 2014 can be found on the download at the bottom of the contact page. I will also use this site to let all those interested know about other local events, using a calender (new for 2014) and links to other websites.

I will use this site to promote the hobby and post information about new products and let you all know about some of the things we get up to here at the Guards Club in Sheldon

BREAKING NEWS, CHANGE OF VENUE FOR THIS YEAR'S SHOW. This years event will be held at the LEASOWES LEISURE CENTRE, Kent Road, Halesowen, B62 8PJ, Sunday 30th November 2014

What's New?

Being an avid Star Wars fan I thought you would all appreciate a picture of the Star Wars participation game I put on at Alumwell show a while back, I have staged the assault on Hoth game there a number of times, in different scales, and run a few assault on the Death star games at a few local shows, I also dabbled with a Lord of the Rings game (Helms Deep) I love putting a smile on peoples faces, and although I do not get the chance to put a game on at my own show, there is enough there on the day, by way of gamers and traders, to do the job for me. So come along, if you have a good time, tell your friends, if not come and tell me, I will be running the bring and buy (best talk to me in the afternoon when it all calms down a bit). Have fun, talk to lots of people. If you want to play one of my games, I hope to stage the Battle of Naboo (Droids vs Gungans) at the Alumwell show, next year.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.