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WARGAMER .wargames show for the midlands

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click here to print 2019 Flyer 2019, in Adobe PDF Format

I will attach downloadable copies of the current years show brochure, when available (4 Separate double A5 Pages) They will in black and white so please forgive the quality

click here to print Brochure Front and Back Cover, in Adobe PDF Format

click here to print Brochure Pages 2 & 5, in Adobe PDF Format

click here to print Brochure Pages 3 & 4, in Adobe PDF Format

click here to print Brochure Pages 1 & 6, in Adobe PDF Format

click here to print Room Plan, in Adobe PDF Format

This site will hopefully answer, the call for a website to let people know about the Birmingham Wargamer Show full details of this year's show to be held on 1st December 2019, can be found on the download at the bottom of the contact page.

I will use this site to promote the hobby and post information about new products and let you all know about some of the things we get up to here at the Guards Club in Sheldon

Thank you to everyone who attended in 2017, I apologise for those I dissapointed last year

PLEASE NOTE. This Year's Show has a NEW VENUE, it will be held at KING EDWARDS SHELDON HEATH ACADEMY, Sheldon Heath Rd, Birmingham B26 2RZ, the date for this years event is Sunday 1st December 2019

I have set up a new facebook page, and will shortly be setting up a new website, so keep your eye on this site until then

If you want to put items for sale on any of the Bring & Buys the guys at the Guards help me run, there are downloadable forms on the tabletop sale tab, this will save you a lot of time on the day, as usual there is only a commission charge, when your item is sold (10%) Please make sure your prices are clearly marked and secured to your goods, particularly books, as they can get switched between boxes quite easily. N.B. All items are put on the Bring & Buy at the owners risk

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