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Tabletop Sale
THIS YEAR's WARBOOTs/SWAPMEETs There are FIVE this year (THESE ARE NO ORDINARY TABLETOP SALES THEY ARE WARGAMES SPECIFIC) - N.B. For the Sheldon, Birmingham Events, Given the Coronavirus problem, I am not taking money up-front, you pay 6 per table on the day, that way if you think you may be infectious, stay at home, you have lost nothing. The List is as follows Saturday 18th April 2020 and Saturday 15th August 2020, St Thomas More Church Hall, 130 Horse Shoes Lane, Birmingham B26 3HU 10am until 2pm (PLEASE NOTE BOTH EVENTS ARE NOW BEING HELD AT THE ST THOMAS MORE CHURCH HALL) Sunday 5th January 2020, Sunday 24th May and Sunday 27th September 2020, Penkridge Memorial Hall, Pinfold Lane, Penkridge, Staffs, ST19 5AP, 10.00am until 2.00pm (Ryan now organises all the Penkridge events see the Penkridge Wargames site for contact details).
IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO ONE OF THESE BEFORE YOU SHOULD GIVE IT A GO,IT'S A GREAT CHANCE TO CLEAR OUT YOUR SHED OR CUPBOARD, IT'S FREE TO GET IN, THERE 30 TABLES FOR HIRE AND 18 foot of BRING & BUY SPACE AVAILABLE (NO SALE, NO FEE, I would recommend downloading a B&B form and filling it in before you get to the venue(s)), FREE PARKING (alley to the left of the church hall entrance) is readily available, TEA and COFFEE will be available with possibly some cold food. YOU ARE ALMOST CERTAIN TO GRAB YOURSELF A BARGAIN, we have a few traders attending, and a couple of well known sellers of GAMES WORKSHOP ITEMS, for those of you looking to add to your collections. Those attending to date include the following well known names:- List to Follow

I have always liked browsing the bring and buy stalls, I know I am not alone, these events seem to attract more interest every year.You can Hire your own table and attempt to clear your loft or shed for the princely sum of 6, or you can just use the old Bring and Buy format.

As this Event runs from only 10am until 2pm you will need to complete a Bring & Buy form and bring it with you on the day, if you wish to use the bring and buy stall, this can be downloaded from this page, if you would like your own table (you are responsible for this) then you need to contact me beforehand (book Early) and send me your money

Ryan's next Warboot/Swapmeet in Penkridge, is scheduled for May 2020, if you missed this January's event, shame on you, it was a cracker, if you want to keep up to date with the Penkridge Tabletop sale there is a link to shows website below

If you have any Questions or have trouble printing the forms just drop me an e-mail the link is below if you need me


Penkridge Tabletop Sale

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Just click this address to send me mail:wargamershow@hotmail.co.uk